Digital Wall Mounted Thermometer

Wall Mounted Thermometer is Perfect device that helps you find the temperature of a person and we also have a wall mounted thermometer with a non contact infrared. Used for office, School, colleges and railway station.

Digital thermometers are easier to use as compared to the mercury glass thermometer. The device is used to check the body temperature without touching the person.

The best thing about the thermometer which we have is that they are wall-mounted. You will get quick and accurate measurement by using this digital device. 

A thermometer measures the body temperature in Fahrenheit scale which is used to measure fever. They are widely used in industry and technology to monitor processes, in medicine, in scientific research and in meteorology. Here the wall mounted infrared thermometer will help you to measure the body temperature of your staff and employees in industries and offices.

Wall Mounted Thermometer at Dolphy

If you are searching for a device which can measure the body temperature without any manual efforts then here we have one for you. This digital thermometer can be easily mounted on the wall and to use it you just need to stand in front of it. This multi-purpose energy saving device is suitable for high-traffic areas where the inflow and outflow of people is high. 

The thermometer has a number of features making it more favourable for different places. They have a hanging hole that is used to hang the device on the wall with the help of screws. You don’t require a special stand to make it stay on the wall. 

2 in 1 Wall-mounted Thermometer

A thermometer with automatic hand sanitizer is the best two in one device for office premises, school, industries and malls. They are easy to use and manage which are electric operated having 1L capacity for gel hand sanitizer.

This high precision sanitizer has an alarm function that starts ringing when the temperature is above normal. This intelligent wall mounted thermometer comes with a stand which holds the device firmly on the wall. The sensing range starts from the distance of 5-10cm and displays accurate results on the LED display.

Features of Digital Thermometer

It’s necessary to go through the amazing features of the non contact digital thermometer that will help you know how it works and how it is used.

  • Quick Measurement

You get quick and reliable measurements by this device. It provides you detailed specifications in just seconds. To use it, you need to stand in front of the device at frequent distances to get the right measurements. The powerful sensing range makes it one of the favourable devices.

  • One Week Standby

Once you charge the device it will give you the standby of one week. You can use the thermometer anytime without any restrictions. The response time of this device is 0.5 sec that is earliest from the glass thermometer. You just need to install it at the right place and at the right distance so everyone can use it easily.

  • Accurate Results

The device gives you accurate results which takes only a few seconds. In the times of this pandemic where everyone needs to take cure you can install it anywhere. The detailed specifications displayed on the LED shows you the right body temperature in just a few seconds.

  • Energy Saving

It is an energy saving device as it does not require any manual effort. This touch free digital wall mounted thermometer does not use high voltage and reduces the power consumption. The battery backup is of upto 3 days and other than it the charging method is also the convenient one.

  • Alarm Function

One more feature is the alarm function of the device. It gives a flash sound when the temperature is high or when you have a high fever. If your body temperature is more than 99 degrees fahrenheit then the device will give a flashing sound. So this intelligent wall mounted thermometer is what you want for your home and office. 

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