The air curtains are one of the most popular industrial entrance solutions that are eligible to provide a clean and tidy environment that are germs free. It is a ceiling-mounted device that looks like an air conditioner and is installed above the main door. It has an automatic sensor that starts as soon as the door opens. 

The machine is made from heavy materials such as stainless steel or metal that saves it from rusting and getting destroyed. As nowadays people are more conscious about cleanliness they prefer products that are helpful in keeping the surroundings bacteria-free. 

Air Curtains With Wide range

If you are planning to buy the air curtain online then we provide you with a range of them. You can get them at low and reasonable prices along with certain features and characteristics that are favorable to provide you with fresh and breathable air. You can use it for domestic purposes if you are suffering from asthma or any other airborne disease. They are most commonly found in high traffic areas such as airports, malls, hospitals, and industries. 

Air Curtains with Stainless Steel:

The stainless steel air curtain can be installed above the entrance door to get fresh and cool air in the surrounding. As the product is made from heavy material it is long-lasting and durable. This high-quality air curtain makes an invisible layer of the curtain at the door that gives fresh air inside the room and blows out the polluted and unhygienic air. 

You can easily get this effective product and palace it wherever needed. As breathing in unhygienic air can make you ill choosing the air curtain will be helpful.

Automatic Air Curtains:

The air curtain with remote control is highly favorable for office premises. They are easy to manage and control due to their pros and favorable characteristics. 

As it is remote-controlled and has an in-built sensor You don’t need to turn on the switch manually to start it. As soon as someone enters the place or opens the door, the device detects the pollutant making the surrounding bacteria-free.

Industrial Air Curtains:

The most common place where you will find the air curtains is an industry. Some of the products are specially made for crowded places that include a powerful motor and more than two blowers. You can even set the device on a timer so that it will work on a frequent basis for 15 to 30 seconds. It is made of rust-proof high-tech aluminum and other metals that protect it from getting destroyed and gives it a long life-span. 

Ceiling Mounted Air Curtains:

Big firms always try to maintain their goodwill and reputation by installing eligible products and devices at their offices. If you are also one of them and don’t want to install those heavy curtains then you can choose the ceiling-mounted air curtain that is available in different widths with a convenient air flow. 

If your office is situated near a factory or a densely populated area then the chances of inhaling polluted air and getting sick increases. Therefore using air curtains is advisable.

How Does an Air Curtain Work?

  • Many people are confused about what an air curtain is and don't know how it works. As it includes certain features people find it a bit complicated to use. But once you know the way of using it you can easily manage and use it.
  •  The working of an air curtain is simple and effective. It is installed at the entrance so that whenever someone enters or leaves the place the automatic sensor starts working and stops the bacteria or pollutants from entering the place. Some are remote-based that can be operated whenever needed. 
  • This fan-powered device creates an invisible air barrier that provides two different environmental surroundings inside and outside the place. It works on electricity and consumes less power that does not affect your expenses at large.

Advantages of Choosing Air Curtain

  • As maintaining a clean environment is a must you need some products and machines to make it more hygienic. One such is using an air curtain. There are several advantages to choosing an air curtain.
  • As it is a wall-mounted device you don't need to worry about the space. 
  • Some screws and attachments come along with the device that makes it easy to install. 
  • It provides fresh and cool air that is moisture-free and germs-free.
  • The automatic sensor that is in-built in the device starts running as soon as it finds dirt and pollutants in the air.
  • It even controls bad odour from the atmosphere and avoids airborne diseases. 
  • It is compatible and easy to manage device that is ideal for each and every small or big place. 
  • The device controls the temperature of the atmosphere and maintains the airflow. 

Effectiveness of an Air Curtain

Make your air conditioning more effective by using the air curtains in commercial and non-commercial places. Installing it at the entrance of the house or the workplace will give a fresh and cool environment. It will keep the surrounding bacteria free so that you can breathe in fresh air.

Why We?

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