Eye Wash Station

Eye Wash Station from dolphy online is a perfect product which helps you to clean your eyes. Eye wash stations can give immediate relief from flaming. You can buy eye wash stations online from dolphy online at minimal price.

The eyewash station is used to clean the eyes in an emergency when they are contaminated with any chemical substance or dirt. They provide relief to sensitive eyes in just a few minutes. They provide relief to the itchiness and reddening of the eye. They help to flush away the hazardous substances from the eye that can cause injury. The product is necessary to install at factories and industries where the workers need to keep precautions for emergencies. This on-the-spot decontamination device gives immediate relief till further treatment is provided. 

Eyewash Station Collection at Dolphy

At Dolphy, you will come across a collection of eyewash stations that can be wall-mounted or portable. They are available in different materials and designs having different water storage capacities. They have thin and delicate nozzles that give a perfect flow and a correct amount of water to the user. Not only this we even have the two-in-one emergency shower and eyewash station at our website that is used whenever required.

Some Eyewash Stations at Dolphy

Here you will find different eyewash stations that provide plentiful amounts of water to the eyes for cleaning them properly. 

Portable Eyewash Station:

The portable and convenient one having the capacity of 55 liters of water. It can be used as a previous precaution product while traveling or at places where you don’t have a water supply and need to store water. They are more convenient for non-hazardous and low-traffic areas. The portable eyewash station has the quality of maintaining the water pure and effective for at least 30 days. 

Wall-mounted Eyewash Station:

The stainless steel wall mounted station having eyewash head material made from ABS can clean the eyes properly with required amounts of water at the time. The product is easy to use and needs to be placed near the water supply giving effective usage. The cool water or saline solution cleans the eye properly giving relief in itching and pain. 

Floor-mounting Eyewash Station:

You need to use your foot for using the floor mounting eyewash station. They are more convenient as you can use both your hands and clean your eyes properly. It is made of stainless steel having a thin nozzle at the top that provides plentiful water for cleaning the eyes. The product is easy to install and use with a wide flat bowl that avoids falling off the water at the floor. 

Body Shower and Eyewash Station:

If you are in need of both the body shower and an eyewash station then you can opt for this two-in-one device. Installing it at chemical industries or pharmaceutical companies where some strong and medicinal liquids are produced. These liquids can cause irritation in the eyes or skin for which you need to clean them with water. This eyewash station and shower prove to be a perfect device for the place.

Foot Paddle operated Eyewash Station:

Made of ABS material, the foot paddle station can give instant help to clean sensitive eyes. Its bright yellow color strikes from far away so that the user can reach it easily. The pure and fresh water flushed out from the station is completely safe to use. You can even use running tap water to clean the eyes as it is one of the purest liquids to get them clean. 

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