Handicap Grab Bar

Handicap grab bar from dolphy online is a perfect product for toilet & bathroom where you can use it for holding and support. You can use handicap grab bar for swimming pools, bathrooms, hotels.

To make it easier for the handicapped ones we have a wide range of handicap grab bar at our online store. These grab bars have a non-slippery texture and a perfect grip that makes it easier to use. The product is made from a durable material that makes it a relevant one to install in your washrooms and toilets. We have different bars for different use. These bars are specially designed for maintaining the balance of a handicapped person. Mounting them at public toilets is mandatory so that a person who is incapable can use it whenever required. 

Range of Handicap Grab Bars Here

We have a wide range of handicap grab bars for toilets that are usually made of stainless steel or ABS plastic that is durable having a longer life span. They are available for different purposes and different positions. Some of them are movable that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically as per the need of the person. Listed below are some of them. 

Helping Handle Bar

These bars give you a handle while standing or sitting. You will not lose your balance while using the toilet. The bars are commonly found in public toilets or hospitals and people at these places need it the most. These bars are eligible to handle 200 kg of weights and can be mounted on any type of wall.

L-Type Handicap Bar

Another one that we have is an L-type handicapped bar. We have two wall L-type bars and even the single one. You can choose the favourable one according to the place where you are going to mount it. You just need to mount it near the toilet seat to help those who need it. It can even be mounted for adults in your home.

Folding Shower Seat

If you are searching for folding shower seats for your washrooms or toilets then you will easily get it at our online store. It is a folding shower seat that is mounted under the shower making it easier for people to bath. It is made of stainless steel and is tube coated with nylon making it a non-slippery product.

Angled Grab Bar

This bar works as a reversible bar for the left or right hand that can be installed on one side or on both sides that will give eligible support to both your hands in the washroom. It is very helpful for those who cannot hang their hands for a longer time. The angled grab bar that you see here is made from corrosion-resistant products making it durable.

Back Support Seat

Many people have back pain and they need proper support at the back. For them, we have a wall-mounted back support seat that can be installed in your private bathrooms or even the public toilets. You just need to mount it on the right angle above the seat that gives it perfect usage. 

Urinal Safety Bar

You can also buy the fold-up urinal safety bar for washrooms. Either you need to install it in malls, hospitals, office premises or any other place it tends to be the right choice for everywhere. It has a perfect grip with a non-slippery texture that gives a firm hold when someone uses it. You can fold them up when not in use.

Why to Choose Us?

When it comes to quality and durable products then we are the ones that can provide you with desirable products. If you go through our website then you will find that we not only have the grab bars rather we even have other washroom automation, covid accessories, hotel amenities, and industrial entrance solutions that are today necessary for every place. The handicap grab bar bathroom is offered to you at a low and affordable price that is reasonable as compared to the other webstores. The products are dispatched to you after a proper check so that you don’t receive the defective one. You can pay for it as per your convenience through different payment modes. You can other products also like sensor taps, automatic soap dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser.