Iron Board

Iron board is a perfect product which can help you to keep your clothes on board and press it with iron.Iron boards can be used for hotels, houses and iron laundry. You can buy an ironing table from Dolphy online with the lowest price in india.

You need an iron board to iron your clothes properly. The board has a smooth and flat surface which makes ironing easy and more convenient. It is foldable and can be taken anywhere.

They are most commonly found in hotel rooms and you can even use it at your home. It is made of steel and the upper platform is covered with cotton underlay giving a perfectly smooth ironing.

Iron Board at Dolphy Online

You get one of the best iron board at our online store. The maximum height of the board is 79cm and the height can be adjusted in 7 different levels. It is an adjustable and folding device which can be kept anywhere and used anytime as per your need. It even has a press stand at the end where you can rest the iron while ironing or after ironing.

Different Iron Boards 

Here are some of the affordable and cheap ironing board online which are suitable for home, hotel and motels. 

Folding Iron Board with Press Stand

The most popular one is this folding table. The board size is 92 to 30cm which is convenient for ironing any type of cloth. As it is foldable you can open it whenever required and then close it and keep aside when not in use. You get an iron stand at the edge so that you can place the hot iron safely on it.

Foldable Tabletop Bed

Another one we have is a hanging and folding iron board table which is 60 by 37cm with a maximum height of 19 cm. The board material is made of metal, the stand is made of steel tube and the cover material is made of cotton. You can place it on the table and then use it when you want. After that you can fold it and hang it or keep it aside.

Adjustable Iron Stand

The adjustable iron stand which you see here is available in black and grey color options with maximum height which can be adjusted as much as you need. The aluminised ironing surface provides a wrinkle less iron. If you are willing to get the table for your home then you can easily buy the ironing table from here.

How to Use an Iron Stand 

The iron stand is easy to use and can be adjusted as per your needs. 

  • The first thing is to fix your table at the right place. 
  • Another thing is to adjust the height as per your requirements. 
  • Plug the iron and keep it on the iron stand beside the board. 
  • Place the cloth on the table and then switch on the iron to use it.
  • Start ironing the cloth and you will get a well ironed cloth.
  • As the cover of the table top iron board is flat and smooth your cloth does not get any wrinkles. 
  • This is how you use it and then you can fold it and keep it.

The iron board which you find here is available at a low and cheap price. We are one of the well known online stores for cloth iron stand in India. You can buy it anytime by just going through the list of varieties and getting one for yourself. You can get many more products apart from the stand and pay for it as per your relevance. We also have Luggage rack, Luggage cart if you want to keep your clothes and you can also get cloth hanger at our website.