Automatic Sensor taps

Sensor taps are the perfect home or office device which makes your bathroom more stylish and modern. Automatic sensor taps which makes your experience easy and hygienic. Sensor faucets are a must for washbasin, kitchen, washroom.

The upgraded technology has changed the world. It has made life easier and even helps you save time. Either it’s electronic gadgets or other daily use products you can use everything at your finger tips.

If you choose fancy and stylish washroom automation then it will make your washrooms look more elegant and attractive. The sensor taps are installed in bathrooms and kitchen sinks that give the place an amazing look. They are available in various designs and sizes that can be chosen as per your basin and get sensor tap price at your finger tip.

Sensor Taps at our Online Store

The automatic sensor taps that you see here are made from stainless steel that saves the tap from rusting and getting any stains. Forget the old technique of touching the tap whenever you want to use it. They can be mounted on a wall or can be installed at the basin and provided with the power supply or batteries on whichever they run. The list includes convenient designs that are favorable for every type of sink.

Varieties of Sensor Taps

Here you will find a variety of sensor taps that are even eligible to provide hot water and cold water at the same time. You can choose any one of them as per your choice and need.

Two-in-one Sensor Taps

The two-in-one sensor tap that you find here is made of stainless steel and is chrome polished providing cold and hot water as well. They run on batteries and even have a soap dispenser attached to it that makes it a worth buying product. It has an auto switch sensor that starts as soon as you put your hands under it. 

Deck mounted Sensor faucet

These taps are available in slanting designs with a touchless and adjustable knob feature. It supplies cold as well as hot water. They are a perfect sensor taps for basins that are easy to use and manage. The taps are stylish yet attractive giving your interior a glorifying and decent look. 

Wall-mounted Sensor faucet

We even have a range of sensor taps wall mounted that are perfect for hotels and malls. This automatic tap has a sensor that starts as soon as you put your hands below it. The taps run on batteries and have the feature of providing cold and hot water. As it is wall mounted it saves the space of the basin. 

Faucet temperature Sensor faucet

The automatic washbasin sensor taps for basins are a perfect product that saves time and energy. You can use it in your kitchens and washrooms to make the place look more attractive. The taps that you see here are made from brass and are chrome polished giving it a shimmery and dignified appeal. 

Automatic and Manual Sensor Mixer Faucet

If you are planning to buy sensor taps for kitchens then you can easily buy them here at a low and affordable price. The automatic plus manual mix sensor tap is more convenient to use in the kitchen when you need to wash utensils or do any other chores.

Why to Choose Sensor Taps?

Nowadays sensor taps are more preferable as compared to normal taps as they are more stylish and fashionable that are even easy to use and manage. You don’t need to touch the tap again and again whenever you want to use it.

If you open the tap with dirty hands then you need to clean the tap as well as it gets dirty when you use it, therefore if you use an automatic sensor faucet then you can use it more effectively. You will get a range of sensor taps here and can choose the most appropriate one for your place.

Features of Sensor Taps

The sensor taps have numerous features that make it more convenient and easy to use. They run on batteries or electricity that can be deck-mounted or wall-mounted.

  • They are made from a durable stainless steel material that is rust-free and gives shine to the product. 
  • Though the taps run on electricity they consume a limited power supply that increases your expenses to the optimum. 
  • The tap takes less than 5 seconds to start when you put your hands under it and turns off as soon as you take it off. 
  • Some models have power indicators that blink when you have an insufficient power supply or low battery.
  • They have a touchless feature and adjustable knob that makes it a favorite product for your basins.
  • They are available in different models and sizes that can be chosen as per your interiors and basin designs. 

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