Settling an entrance mat on the main door of industries, factories, malls, hospitals and other commercial places maintains cleanliness in the surrounding keeping it clean and germs free. It is useful in keeping the home and workplaces hygienic.

Along with this it even gives the place a convenience and right appeal. The entrance matting is made of different materials which are waterproof and eco-friendly. 

Entrance Matting at Dolphy Online

At our online store you will come across a variety of mats that are made of different materials such as polyamides, nylon and PVC vinyl that are washable, waterproof and eco-friendly.

The size and thickness differ as per its use and pattern in which it is made. They are available in different lengths and widths so that you can choose the most suitable one. 

Variety of Entrance Matting

Here are some of the best entrance mats favourable for commercial and non-commercial places. 

Zig zag Entrance Mat

Another one that we have is the zig zag mat. It is long, anti-slip and waterproof, available in red and grey color which is mostly placed outside malls and cinemas where a large number of people visit in a day. It is made of PVC vinyl which is strong and durable and does not tear or damage easily.

Carpet Entrance Mat

If you want it for your home and everyday use then this one would be the best. It can be used for cars, outdoors, on the floor and near the main door. They are a stylish modern carpet mat for your home and offices. These mats are water washable and have a nice grip at the bottom which holds it firm at the floor and restricts slip and fall.

Low traffic Entrance Matting

We have entrance matting made of PVC vinyl available in red and black color with size thickness of 11mm to 1.22mm. They are a string structured mat which extracts all the dirt and dust from the sole of the footwear and maintains hygiene. It is convenient for small offices, clinics and shops. 

Medium traffic Entrance Matting

Entrance mat for medium traffic areas has a thickness of 16mm to 1.22mm which is avaliable in red and black color and is made of PVC vinyl material that is waterproof, washable and soft. If your shoes are wet and muddy then the mat will soak the mud and wetness to keep the place clean and secure.

High traffic Entrance Matting

For high traffic areas such as industries, factories and pharmacies the thick mat of 17mm to 1.22mm is the right thing. You just need to place it on the entrance of the door so that whenever someone enters the place he first cleans the sole and then enters the place. So if you are in search of it then you will surely get it here. 

Industrial Entrance Mat

We even have a strong and durable industrial entrance mat which gives relief to the staff and workers. The loop entrance mat helps in fatigue and gives you all day long relief when you work and stand for hours in the industry. One more feature of the mat is that it has a firm and steady grip that does not slip off. 

Features of Entrance Matting

Here are some of the eligible and convenient features of the entrance matting. 

  • They help in keeping the place clean and hygienic.
  • The mats give relief if you are standing for a longer time on it. 
  • It gives the place a precise and ideal appeal. 
  • The muted and bold colors help it to match at every place. 
  • They have an anti-slip feature that restricts falls and slip on the floor. 

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