Rather than cleaning the shoe again and again you can cover it with a dispenser and maintain cleanliness in the surrounding. It is a thin plastic cover that surrounds your shoe and avoids the risk of making the place dirty. There are different types of dispensers available in different shapes and colors with a free-size disposable cover that can cover your flat shoes and heeled shoes as well. It is one of the most effective devices that helps you to keep the environment free from germs and bacteria. The device has certain features that make it an eligible product for high traffic areas. 

Shoe Cover Dispenser Collection at Dolphy 

We provide you with a range of shoe cover dispenser machines at our webstore. You will find the manual ones and fully automatic ones as well that can be selected as per the traffic of the place. For small firms the manual ones are favorable and for factories and industries, the automatic ones are more admired. The dispensers are easy to use and manage and you can keep them at the desired place where you have a switchboard. The automatic ones run on electricity, therefore, you need to place it where you can get the facility of the plug.

Manual Shoe Cover Dispenser

One of the best blue shoe cover dispensers that is safe and easy to use is the manual dispenser. It does not need electricity or batteries to run. It has a sleek and durable design that makes it a long-lasting product. The corrosion-free dispenser is made from friendly aluminum material and has a loading capacity of 100 plastic shoe covers. The workers of heavy-duty industries and pharmaceutical companies use it on a regular basis.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Another one at our store is the auto shoe cover dispenser. This touchless device is more efficient to use. You just need to put your foot on the device and then get it covered by the blue plastic. Either your shoes are dirty or the floor is dirty, the dispenser saves you in both situations. It saves you from hazardous contamination in hospitals and from dangerous chemicals in industries. It is a useful product for each and every place and for people who are health conscious.

Benefits of Shoe Cover Dispenser

These dispensers have a number of benefits that makes it a worth buying product for workplaces and high traffic areas. 

  • The dispenser helps in preventing contamination. 
  • It is an easy-to-install device that can be placed in a corner.
  • Its automatic feature makes it an immensely popular machine. 
  • It keeps the carpet and floors clean by avoiding germs and dirt to stick on them.
  • The device is a time saver and it takes just 10 to 12 seconds to cover the footwear.
  • It is preferable for flat as well as heeled shoes. 
  • It runs on electricity and you also have the manual option. 
  • You can refill the plastic rolls when they get finished.
  • You don’t need to waste your time cleaning the sole everyday.
  • It will make your daily routine more easy and efficient. 
  • It is a cleaner and safer device that can be used by both children and adults. 

Why to Buy from Us?

You can get the product in just one click from our online store. We are one of the trusted sellers from India and give you the facility of buying the machine from anywhere. The shoe cover dispenser price that you see here is low and affordable as compared to other online stores. Besides this we even have other covid accessories, washroom automation, and hotel amenities products that can give your daily life an ease. You just need to choose the desired product and you will get it at your doorsteps at the prescribed time. We are also selling dispensers like shoe shining dispenser, sole cleaning dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser .