You can protect your cables from getting damaged or torn with the help of cable protectors. The secure the cable by providing it alyer from top to bottom. There are different ones which can hold single cables and some which can use multiple cables. The cables are protected from heavy vehicles, rain water, thunder and many other things. 

Thecable protector is made from a strong and durable material which is non-breakable and doesn’t damage easily. The flexible cable protector is made from rubber and PVC vinyl which are waterproof, heat proof and dust proof. They have multi-purpose uses. 

Cable Protector Varieties at Our Online Store

We have a variety of cable protectors from which you can choose the convenient one for your use. 

Single Channel Cable Protector

If you want something for your home, small scale industries, clinics or shops then you can use the single channel cable protector. They have one broad hole which can hold two three thin wires or a single thick wire protecting it from rain, heat and birds. The cable guard is made of rubber and is completely flexible which can bend as per the requirement.

Heavy Duty Cable Protector

The heavy duty cable protectors are mostly found in industries and factories which are working 24/7. They can hold 30 by 30mm broad cables that are usually applied on the road. This cable cover doesn’t get damaged and does not break when huge vehicles pass over it. The one that you find here is a 2 channel cable protector that is flexible and highly durable.

Three Channel Cable Protector

Another one is a 3 channel wire protector with an opening lid. They are applied at highways, in factories, industries and other high traffic areas where inflow and outflow of people and vehicles are continuous. The protector can hold heavy wires and multiple thin wires as well which gets damaged due to sunlight, water and forklifts. 

Multi Channel Cable Protector 

The lightweight polyurethane protector is what you need at construction sites and busy roads. Not only charger cable protector but you also need something that protects your lighting cables and fibers from different damages and disasters. They facilitate safety and the wires do not mix or jumble altogether.

Cable Protector Ramp

The heavy duty ramp cable protector is made from flexible rubber and is available in black and bright yellow color that makes it easier to find in the dark. They help in making the place look ideal and pleasant. No wires will be lying here or there on the road or floor and it will even provide optimum safety and security to the place. 

How To Install a Cable Protector

People get confused between headphone cable protectors and heavy duty cable protectors. The one which we have is made from rubber and its application is on roads.

  • The first thing is that you don’t need screws and stands to install it. 
  • The bottom of the protector is flat and has a fine grip. 
  • This grip saves it from slip and as it is made from flexible rubber there are very rare chances of slip. 
  • You just need to keep it at the right place which will hold wires in it.
  • They stick properly to the ground and don’t shift here or there. 
  • This is how simply they are installed and used.
  • They are waterproof, damage proof and tear proof which protects everything at optimum.

Cable Protectors at Low Price

The cable protectors that you find here are offered to you at a low and discounted price which are rarely found at any other online store. As we are the direct distributors we present you the affordable rates due to which you get an option to grab the best one. Along with the suitable price, the cables are suitable for a number of places where safety and security is necessary. 

Why to buy from us?

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