Toilet Paper Dispenser

Paper dispenser from dolphy online is a perfect device which helps you to keep your hands clean. Paper dispenser can be used as a napkin dispenser, tissue paper dispenser, towel dispenser.

If you are in search of the right toilet paper dispenser then you can choose one from here. We have different options of the dispenser that are made from different materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic. They have a sleek and convenient design which makes it the right choice for your washrooms. 

All the dispensers have different designs and have different storage capacities from which you can choose the most appropriate ones for your toilet. The paper napkin dispenser is manually operated and has a roll diameter of 12-22 cm which is convenient for your toilets. Their different shapes and sizes give you the option to select the right one. 

Toilet Paper Dispenser Choices

These are some of the best dispensers that are perfect for your toilets and can be easily mounted on the wall.

ABS Plastic Toilet Paper Dispenser

The most common pick is an ABS plastic paper dispenser. It is convenient for low traffic areas and homes. It usually has the roll diameter capacity of 12 cm that can be refilled whenever required. The material is durable and rust free having waterproof characteristics making it easy to use and manage.

Mirror Finish Toilet Paper Dispenser

Here we also have a dispenser with mirror finish that is smooth and shiny having a crystal clear surface. The white colored round manual dispenser is easy to install on the wall with the help of screws and stands provided along it. You just need to mark it in the right place where everyone can easily reach.

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

For high traffic areas the jumbo roll paper towel dispenser is the perfect choice. It has the roll diameter capacity of 22 cm and its adoring black color makes it a perfect match for every place. It is made of strong and durable ABS plastic that doesn’t break or damage easily. The check linings on the dispenser makes it even more attractive.

Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Dispenser

The smooth and shiny stainless steel toilet paper dispenser in a round design is the right pick for your toilet. They are rust proof, waterproof and dustproof which makes it easy to manage and clean. It is a jumbo toilet paper roll which is manually operated and can be mounted on any type of wall. You can buy it anytime at best prices from our online store.

Premium Quality Toilet Paper Dispenser

You will even come across a premium quality paper dispenser machine consisting of ABS back body and stainless steel cover plate making it harder and stronger. It is a wall-mounted product with manual operation with a shimmery silver texture that gives it the right appeal. It’s unique design makes it appear even more interesting. 

How to Install the Toilet Paper Dispenser

The installation of this wall-mounted product is easy and here are the steps.

  • The required screws and stands are available with the product in a box. 
  • You just need to collect all the materials and equipment to fix it properly.
  • Mark the right point and drill on the wall to secure the screw. 
  • Install the dispenser correctly on the wall and it’s done.
  • Place the roll of toilet paper for dispenser in it to use it. 
  • The dispenser can be easily refilled anytime you need to.

The dispensers are made in a sleek and convenient design with no corners and edges that saves from getting hurt. They are usually available in round design which makes it look immensely attractive and easy to clean. As it is made of a smooth and dust free material you don’t need to work harder to clean them. You can just wipe it off with a wet cloth or a clean dry cloth to take off the dust stuck on it. 

Why to Buy it from Here? 

We offer you different models and sizes of dispensers from which you can pick one that is most suitable for your place. You will come across the best toilet paper dispenser price here and can buy it in just a few clicks. You will get the desired one on the allotted time at your doorsteps and you can pay for it as per your relevance.