Baby Changing Station

Baby changing station is the place to change your baby clothes and diapers. Baby changing station from dolphy online comes with a wall mount feature where you can mount it in the wall and change baby clothes.

You may have seen a wall-mounted baby care unit in restrooms of hospitals, malls, airports and hotels giving relief to mothers while feeding the baby or changing their clothes. It is an easy-to-use product that can be managed by anyone and can be used whenever required. It has different sections and boxes that are used to keep required items on them that include tissue, cotton, powder and other things making it convenient to use whenever required. They have some reliable features and a carpeted surface that is comfortable for babies. 

Baby Care Unit Collection

We have different varieties of baby changing stations here. They are made of long-lasting and durable materials such as stainless steel and polyethylene that are strong and can hold upto 25 kg of weights. You will find a baby nappy changing station that can be easily mounted at the wall. It has a foldable feature that can be used to open and close the surface when in use and when not in use.

Different Baby Changing Stations at Our Store

We have a variety of products having different features and characteristics that differentiate it from each other and make it perfect for all your needs. Listed below are some of them.

Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station

The highly demanded one is baby changing station stainless steel that is most commonly found in public toilets. This matte finish product has a handle at the outer surface that is used to easily open and close the product. It is a one-hand operated product that makes it favourite of every mom.

Recessed Mounted Changing Station

Another one that we have is a recessed mounted station having an attractive and interesting appearance. The product is suitable for your home and every other place where a number of people visit in a single day. It gives you the best way to dress your kid.


High-Grade Baby Care Unit

Our baby changing station Mothercare is made of high-density polyethylene that is strong, having eligible dimensions that makes it a perfect device for our modern mothers. They are easy to install at the wall with the provided screws and attachments. You just need to fix it in the right place.

Safety Seat for Baby:

Apart from the baby changing station for home we also have a safety seat for babies having the eligible belts that are used to secure the baby safely on the seat. You can mount the seat in kitchens, gardens or any other place where you require it. The one that you have here is made from premium quality material. 

Why is it a Convenient Product?

As compared to the normal chair and seats these products are more relevant as they are safe having safety belts and a soft surface that is perfect for pampering babies. It is easier to use and the items that you need can be kept on the hangers so that you can use them efficiently. One best thing about it is that it is one-hand operated and can hold upto 25 kg of weights. They have diaper bags and storage boxes that are most important. They can be easily mounted on the wall in a few spaces.

Why We?

We care for our customers and provide them what they demand. The products that we have are made from premium quality materials that give it a longer life span. Not only this we have many other different products such as paper dispensers, hand dryers, recessed panels, and many more other things for washroom automation, covid accessories, hotel amenities, and industrial entrance. So choose the required product and get it at your doorsteps in just a few days.