Queue Managers

Queue Manager from dolphy online is the perfect way to manage line or queue. Q manager can be used for commercial, public places, banks, petrol pumps.

The queue manager is a device that is used to manage the queue in malls, hospitals, institutes, banks and many other places. It is a short pole that is attached with a thick rope or an extendable ribbon that are found in different colors and is used for different purposes. The queue managers can be portable or wall-mounted and you can choose one depending on your use and need.

If you require it for an occasional basis then the pole queue manager is more preferable and when you need it for regular purposes then the wall-mounted queue manager belt proves to be a perfect device. 

Queue Manager collection At low price?

At Dolphy, you will get different types of q managers that will help you control the traffic. We have poles, ropes, belts as well as sign holders that can instruct people visiting the place. The poles are made of stainless steel that gives it a perfect shine and a smooth texture. The belts or ropes that you find are made from different materials such as nylon and velvet that differ in color shades. They have hooks at both ends that are attached with the pole and can be taken off once the work is done. The retractable belt has a length of about 2 meters and is available in three color options including red, blue and black. 


Queue Manager Collection at Dolphy

We have different types of crowd-controlling managers at our website. The queue manager images that you see here can be dispatched at your place in just a few days. Some of the popular ones that we have are listed below. 


Stainless Steel Pole:

The golden and silver stainless steel poles with a hook handle and non-slippery base can be used to maintain the crowd at hospitals, banks and malls. You just need to attach the rope with the pole and place it wherever you want. It is also used at concerts and events that control the audience visiting there. 


Queue Manager with Attached Belt:

You can also buy the one that has an attached belt making it more effective to use. The belt can extend upto 2 meters that is eligible for high traffic areas. The silver pole is slim and tall that gives it an attractive and interesting appearance. You just need to stretch the belt and tuck it on the holder installed at the wall.

Matte Black Queue Manager:

The elegant and attractive matte black queue manager with an attached red belt can be used at office premises, airports and malls to manage a proper line at the entrance and check-in places. The belt can be of red, blue or black color and you can choose it according to your need and requirement. 


Wall-mounted Queue Manager:

The small and convenient one that can be easily mounted on the wall with the help of screws and moulds is perfect for places where daily a number of people visit. The queue manager belt is extendable that can be stretched as much as needed. Just mount it at the right place and use it whenever required. 


Queue Manager Ropes at our Store

You can even buy ropes from our store that are made from different materials. We have thick velvet ropes that have stainless steel hooks with a golden and silver shimmer can be attached with the pole easily. It is 1.5 meters long and its red color strikes the visitor. You can even get the nylon twisted rope and premium polyester rope with superior quality hooks that can be easily attached with the poles. You just need to choose the right one and use it at the required places. 

Why choose us We?

We provide you a range of queue managers online in different colors that are ideal to use at crowded places. You can buy them at a low and affordable price from anywhere. Not only queue managers and ropes we also have crowd control stanchion sign holders and other products at our store. You can pay for it as per your convenience and get it at your doorsteps at the prescribed time.