Wearing a matching shoe is not important, the thing is that your shoes should be clean and shiny. Cleaning the shoes manually is a hardworking and boring task so rather than using the automatic sole cleaning machine which makes your work easier and more convenient. The machine needs to be simply placed in a corner and used whenever required. Keeping it near the main door is the most right place.

Sole Cleaning Machine from Dolphyonline

As people nowadays prefer online shopping a lot here we provide you with all the necessary products which are required in the pandemic to keep the surrounding hygienic.

From all these products the shoe sole cleaning machine is also one. It saves you from cleaning the footwear manually by shiner, polish and brushes giving you the more convenient option. 

A clean and neat surrounding keeps the environment healthy and pleasant which is a necessary requirement. The one which you see here is equipped with a variety of features which makes it an equitable choice.

Stainless Steel Sole Cleaning Machine

The machine which is made from stainless steel is rust free and has a long durability. The machine is eligible to clean your sole with thin brushes and a smooth pad which drains out all the dirt from sle and makes the shoe shine like new. 

The sole cleaner machine maintains cleanliness in the surrounding without any manual efforts. The best part about the machines is that it works smoothly without making loud noises and without disturbing the surroundings.

Automatic Sole Cleaning Machine

This machine is furnished with some automatic features giving you a hands-free use. It is operated electrically and works on an auto start sensor which turns on as soon as you put the foot on it. First it drains all the dust from the auto rotating brush grills and then it dries the sole.

It auto cuts after 10-12 seconds after you take the foot off. This automatic shoe sole cleaning machine is a must have product for heavy duty industries, pharmacies and factories. Keeping it at the entrance will be the right place that will help you to keep the surroundings clean.

Benefits of a Sole Cleaning Machine

  • The automatic machine saves your time giving you a better experience.
  • It has an auto start feature for which you don’t need to turn on anything. 
  • It cleans the sole with water and then dries it, giving it a complete shine. 
  • The machine does not make loud noises.
  • It starts automatically and turns off automatically.
  • It keeps the surroundings healthy and germs free.

Why Buy From Us?

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of these sole machines. You will be able to get it at every corner of the world as we are the distributors to every city and country.

The shoe sole cleaning machine India that you see here are made to save your time and give you a touch-free experience. Our products also include hotel amenities, covid accessories, industrial entrance solution and every type of washroom automation.

if you want to to keep your shoe clean and dirt free then you can use shoe cover dispenser and shoe shining machine to your shoes protected and shining.