For a cold room and warehouse, you should opt for the PVC strip curtains. They help to maintain the temperature of the room keeping it cool and comfortable. These transparent curtains come in a variety of colors and thickness that is usually applied at doors and windows. They even cease air pollutants and dust from entering the place. This anti-static curtain is even used to make different sections or departments in a place. You can hang them on the wall with the help of a steel rod or the hangers. 

PVC Strip Curtain Collection at Dolphy

At our online store, you will get different types of plastic strip curtains that are plain and double ribbed so that you can choose whichever is required for your place. These curtains are made from non-phthalate or food-grade PVC material that are durable and do not torn easily. Different colors resemble different usages depending on the place where you are going to install it. Like the aqua green curtains are usually preferred for cold storage areas and yellow in heavy-duty industries. 

Places to Wall Mount PVC Curtains

These curtains are eligible for many different places including your home and offices. Listed below are some of the places where they are widely used.

PVC Curtains for Home

Your most secure and loved place should be free of germs and bacteria. To keep your house free from dust and pollen you can install these curtains at windows and doors that will maintain the hygiene in the surrounding. The transparent plastic strip curtains for home is the most favorable one for domestic purposes.

PVC Curtains for Industries

Heavy-duty industries and factories that work 24/7 need to maintain cleanliness in the environment. The workers and the machine need protection from sunlight, birds and insects for which choosing plastic strip curtains industrials is mandatory. It maintains brightness in the area and at the same time creates a protective layer at the place.

PVC Curtains for Hospitals

These curtains are even used in hospitals and clinics to maintain privacy and security between visitors and staff and are even used to separate a department in the place. They are even installed at the medical section of the hospital that maintains the temperature of the place keeping it cool and fresh.

PVC Curtains for Pharmacy 

If we talk about pharmaceutical industries then the plastic strip for doors is even used there. As the medicines require a cool temperature, you should for sure install it. It will even restrict insects and bacteria to enter the place. If you are searching for these curtains then you can easily buy it from our online store at a low price.

PVC Curtains for Cold Storage

 The food storage areas and warehouses also need these curtains to keep the perishable and other food items fresh. It can be a mint green strip or a clear transparent strip that will suit well to the environment. You just need to install it in the sections where required and maintain the quality of products.

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

The strip curtains have a number of benefits that make it worth installing curtains at different places. 

  • They are easy to install and manage as compared to other curtains.
  • These curtains can be easily clean without taking them out of the hanger. 
  • They provide perfect brightness and a clear vision in the surrounding. 
  • Where you can’t make a wall for partition there you can apply these curtains. 
  • They protect the place from sunlight.
  • The curtains restrict birds, flies and insects to enter the surrounding. 
  • It keeps the environment fresh and cool. 
  • They are perfect to install at the doors and windows of the place. 

Why We?

If you are willing to buy the best pvc strip curtains online in India then you are on the correct destination. We provide you a range of curtains in different colors and widths that can be preferred as per the area where it is to be installed. You just need to choose the one that you want and get it at your doorsteps at the allotted time. We facilitate you with different payment methods so that you can pay as per your relevance. we are also selling air curtain at our website.