Luggage cart makes it easier to take the bags and luggage from one place to another easily. The cart has a long straight platform on which you can carry an abundance of luggage at a time. The cart is made of high quality stainless steel with a golden polish and a red carpet which make it look supremely attractive and the best. The cart is foldable and has wheels at the bottom which makes it easy to use and manage. 

Luggage Cart Collection

At dolphy you will come across a wide range of luggage carts that can hold different bags and goods. It consumes less energy and gives you a more easy way to take the luggage from one place to another. The carts that you see here are made of stainless steel which is corrosion free and has a smooth texture. They are used for multiple purposes such as serving food or lifting heavy objects.

How to use a Luggage Cart

There are multiple uses of a luggage cart. They are eligible to hold different types of goods and it is easy to use as you just need to put the objects and take it wherever you want. Here are certain places where you will find the cart.

Hotels and Resorts

While staying in a hotel and resort you take some accessories and bags along. You may have noticed that the workers carry those luggage with the help of a cart. The golden cart with a red carpet makes a pleasant appearance in the hotel and takes your baggage safely to the room. They have different handles that make the carriage easy. 


The airport luggage cart is made of stainless steel and is one of the most common accessories of the airport. Taking the bags from the checkout area to the exit door requires a lot of effort but with the help of this cart it is easier to take them. The high quality luxury luggage cart is all that you need for the airport. 


Even some malls have trolleys that are used for keeping the heavy materials and objects in it. While you are shopping and looking for other products you can keep the other things in the cart. You can shop for thousands of products in the mall and so you will require that trolley for relevant and hassle free shopping. 


Another common place where they are used is the supermarket. For buying fruits, groceries and other products you need hlp of someone to hold things. The best companion here is the luggage trolley. You can keep all the eatables and necessary items in the trolley to the bill counter and then till the car too.

The trolley that you see here can carry upto 10 kg of luggage and more. The metal and stainless steel makes it a more convenient device that does not get damaged easily. You can simply buy it from our online store if you are searching it for your shops, hotels and malls and you can get also get luggage rack at our website.