You don’t need to put a separate tissue box, dustbin, and hand dry as we offer you the three in one recessed panel for your washrooms that gives an elegant look to the place making it better and convenient for the users. These recessed panels are found in different designs that are installed as per the requirement and space of the place. They are widely used in hotels, motels, malls, and office premises giving the place a graceful appearance.

Recessed Panels at Dolphy

We have a wide range of recessed panels at our online store. These panels are made from premium quality materials having durable and non-corrosive characteristics making it a worth installing product in your washrooms. The ones that you see here are offered to you at a low and discounted price that can be purchased in simple ways, just by going through the list and choosing the desired one. They are wall-mounted and can be easily installed with the help of attachments and screws that come along with it.

Recessed Panel Variations at Dolphy

There are different varieties of panels here. You can pick them depending on the place and space of your washrooms. Here are some of our recessed panel collections that are perfect for every bathroom.

Washroom Recessed Panel:

The simple washroom recessed panel with a hand dryer and a tissue box can be installed at the bathroom and can be used after washing your hands. The product has an automatic high-speed hand dryer that starts as soon as you take your hand near the dryer and turns off automatically.


Stainless Steel Recessed Panel

The shiny mirror finishes stainless recessed panel makes your washroom look elegant and graceful. This anti-fingerprint recessed panel having a C-fold and multifold paper dispenser is easy to use and manage. It even has a high waste container capacity making it eligible for high traffic areas such as malls and hospitals.

Automatic Recessed Panel

Our most demanded product is the three-in-one recessed panel that has a tissue box in the top, an automatic hand dryer in the middle, and a waste receptacle at the bottom. This one saves the place of your washroom and you don’t need to place them separately at different places.


Two in One Recessed Panel

For low-traffic areas and domestic purposes, the two-in-one recessed panel with a tissue box and a waste bin is a perfect pick. They can easily be mounted on the wall. They are sleek and stylish and give an elegant look to the place. They are perfect for commercial and non-commercial places as well.

Features of Recessed Panel

There are many features and advantages of a washroom recessed panel from which some of which are listed below. 

  • A recessed panel is easy to use and manage.
  • It has an automatic hand dryer that gives a touch-free experience.
  • The product has an in-built dispenser, hand dryer and waste container making it relevant to use. 
  • It is made from superior quality material that gives it a longer life span. 
  • This touch-free bathroom panel is made from rust-free material that makes it a quality product. 
  • The waste receptacle has a good capacity making it sufficient for all day long.

Why Choose Dolphy?

Here you will come across a variety of products that are used to make your life easier. We have washroom automation products, covid accessories, industrial entrance solution and hotel amenities that saves your time and makes the work easier. You can buy all the products of your comfort on this single destination at reasonable and discounted prices. Choose the product that you want and pay for it as per your relevance.