Electronic door locks are widely used in hotels, motels and office premises that can be opened with mechanical keys or RFID cards. This radio frequency identification lock is a safe and secure device that helps you to maintain security and privacy in the rooms. It even gives a classy and dignified look to your doors with different color choices that can match the door perfectly. The cards have electromagnetic features that attract the frequency radiation and the door opens. 

RFID Door Lock Collection 

At Dolphy, you will come across a wide range of door locks that are perfect for your hotel rooms. Their sleek design and elegant shape make it worth installing products that give a high level of security to your rooms. The collection of rfid door locking system that we have here looks amazing with wooden finish doors. We have them in matt finish and some different colors including black, golden and silver that can be chosen as per the matching of the interiors or furnishings of the place.

Varieties of RFID Door Locks at Dolphy

Here you will find different varieties of locks that are secure and responsive as compared to the other systems. They are made up of a rust-free and durable material making it even more effective to use. 

Electric Door Lock

Made of stainless steel and unlocking with a mechanical key or a card is perfect to mount at hotel room doors. This smart door lock is easy to access and gives an impressive appeal to your place. They are desirable to install at your office room or may be installed on the hotel room for ideal usage. 


Digital Door Lock

We even have a range of digital door locks that work on alkaline batteries and displays the light whenever the door opens or closes. The digital lock system is easy to manage and set up. The lock comes with 200 card capacities so that if you install it in the office then someone with the card can open the door in emergencies in your absence. 

RFID Card Lock

Using the key again and again to open the door is very boring. Instead of that now you can use the rfid door lock system and make your work easier without finding the keys and trying to open the door. Just place the card in front of the lock and it will automatically detect the card with the help of radiofrequency and a chip that is installed at the card. 

Hotel Digital Lock

If you are in search of rfid door lock for hotel then you can easily get it here. You just need to go through our collection, choose the right color and place an order for the digital lock. These digital locks will help you increase the goodwill of your hotel and give it a perfect appearance as well as high security. 

Features of RFID Door Lock 

This modern technology door lock has a number of features that make it a worth installing product for your hotels and home. 

  • It is easy to operate as compared to the manual key and lock.
  • You don’t require the steel key as it can be easily opened with the card.
  • They run on batteries having some special features. 
  • A number of 200 guest cards are available with the lock making it perfect to use in hotels.
  • They are safe and provide high-level security to the rooms. 

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the trusted distributors of fingerprint door lock and other hotel amenities all around the globe. We are available for our customers every second and can clear their queries regarding the products and services that we provide. In this era of modern technology everyone wants to get their work done easily and keeping this in mind we provide you with a number of products that can make your daily life easier and faster. You can also get electric safe if you want to keep your locker safe.