Electric Safe

Electric Safe is the best machine to keep your documents and cash in a locker. You can buy high quality electric safe from dolphy online for your home, office, hotels at minimal price.

Keeping your valuables safe is now an easy task. With the help of an electric safe you can keep your documents, jewelry, and cash-secured and safe. Either it’s your passport, laptop, ornaments or other important accessories they can be locked in the safe. You can easily take them out whenever required. The locker has certain features that make it a reliable pick. It is available in different sizes and can be chosen as per the requirement. You can place them inside the cupboard, on the shelf or on the wooden deck; just wherever you wish. 

Electric Safe Collection at Dolphy

The electronic safe locker that you find here are made from a strong and durable quality material that doesn't damage or break easily. They are safe and sturdy, having a digital keypad and display that is made for long-lasting reliability and easier use. You get different color options and a number of designs from which you can choose the most desirable one for yourself. We have them in small and big sizes as well that can be kept at desired places.

Kind of Electric Safe at our Online Store

We have a wide range of electronic safe lockers for homes, offices, shops, and other required places with an easy-to-use and maintain feature. 

Heavy Duty Electric Safe:

The black cold-rolled steel safe with powder coating finish is convenient to use at office premises and hotels. The oval-shaped buttons with light and a rectangular screen above it displays the digits and codes. They run on batteries and auto freeze if someone enters the wrong code thrice.

Unique Design Electric Safe:

A not-so-basic electronic safe lock with a unique design that opens from the upper side has a silver stainless steel handle makes it even more convenient to open and use. You will find the digits at the upper surface that give extra security and can’t be seen by anyone while you type them. 

Drawer Box Electric Safe:

If you are keeping them in the cupboard then the drawer box safe will be more effective. They easily open like a cupboard drawer and have an LED display screen. The locker works on battery and has a low battery indicator that warns you when you need to replace the batteries. 

Small Electric Safe:

The small electronic safe in black and white color options is perfect for commercial use. They are a square box having a carpeted floor and powder coating finish that gives a smooth texture. It is made of cold-rolled steel material and has an LED display that makes it a relevant product for your place. 

Benefits of Electric safe

The locker has certain benefits that make it one of the must-have products. Listed below are some of them. 

  • They help you to keep your valuables with you at your home and office. 
  • The safes are strong and durable made with modern technology to provide an ideal use. 
  • While buying from our online store you get the color option so that you can get the matching and admired one.
  • The digital display screen makes the locker look more elegant and graceful. 
  • They are made of cold-rolled steel and is powder-coated which gives it a precise look. 
  • It even has an LED light inside that can help you see the stuff properly inside the locker.

Why We?

We always try to provide our customers the best and relevant products so that they can get whatever they want. The prices that you see here are low and affordable as compared to other online stores. You can buy the product from anywhere as we supply them everywhere. You can pay for it from any payment mode and get it at our doorsteps at the prescribed time.