You can use a sticky mat for a clean and dry room. The mat is made of non-slip properties having a firm grip at the bottom. The sheets are made from polyethylene film that is dust proof, waterproof and slip proof.

The mats remove dust and dirt from the sole of the footwear so that the surrounding doesn’t get dirty. The mats are adhesive that sticks well on the floor so that it does not move here and there. Also, you don’t need to fix it again and again. 

Anti-slip Sticky Mat

The mats are easily available at our online store. The clean room sticky mat is disposable and can be applied at a number of places. Either it's a commercial place or a non-commercial place the mats are suitable for everywhere.

The non-toxic mat layer needs to be applied at a clean and smooth surface so that it can be used without any restrictions. It keeps the environment clean and also gives a pleasant look to the surroundings.

Sticky Mats for Different Places

This thin blue antibacterial mat is applied at a number of places where proper cleanliness and hygiene is necessary. 

Sticky Mats for Home

There is a risk that kids and senior people accidentally slip on the smooth floor. Therefore prior precautions are necessary. Applying the mats on the floor will reduce the chances of slip and fall. They are even easy to clean and do not require much effort. Applying it in bathrooms and kitchen will be the right thing.

Sticky Mats for Office

If you are thinking of applying the room mat in office premises then you don’t need to think twice as it is the best option. Office is cleaned once a day and a number of people visit there daily. The footwear of outsiders is dirty that even makes the place dirty and the mat will save you from all the extra work.

Sticky Mats for Industries

The mats made from synthetic plastic polymer are durable and long-lasting. These permanent mats do not get easily damaged and therefore it is highly preferable for factories and industries. Pharmacies, heavy duty industries and chemical industries are the places where sticky mats are mandatory. 

Sticky Mats for Hospitals

Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene in hospitals and clinics is of utmost importance. Floor matting for room lowers the risk of slip and fall. So you can apply it at different places such as the lobby and patient room for a firm and non-slippery floor. It has an adhesive layer at the bottom which helps it stick perfectly on the floor.

How to Install Sticky Mat

The thin and smooth sheets are easy to use and install. Here is how you can install the sticky mat.

  • The blue film has an adhesive layer at the bottom that helps it to stick firmly on the floor. 
  • To install them you first need to clean the floor properly. 
  • Take out the wrapper from the backside and stick it firmly on the floor. 
  • Stick them side by side without leaving spaces.
  • You can use as many sheets as required for the place. 
  • Once you stick it on the floor and press it firmly it is all done.
  • Now you can keep the floor clean and tidy without spending more time on cleaning the floor. 

Why We?

The mats that you find here are strong and durable having a thickness of 3.2 micron with non-sticky and non-dust properties. The antibacterial polyethylene film layers can be applied near the door, outside the bathroom, in the room or outdoors. The price of the product is low as compared to other online stores. You can buy them anytime as we are available 24/7 for our customers. 

You can easily buy it for your home and office in just a few clicks. We also have other products such as entrance mats, automatic sensor tapsfloor marking tap , self closing taps, Anti Stress Mat, Anti Skid Tap and many more other things. The products will give your place an ideal and pleasant appeal. We have a variety of covid accessories, washroom automation, industrial entrance solutions and hotel amenities at an amazing price in India.