Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirror is a perfect product for the bathroom which can help you for shaving or makeup.Magnifying mirrors from dolph online can be wall mounted and you can get them at a cheap price.

The magnifying mirror installed at hotels and malls increases the appeal of the place. The mirrors are very popular for putting on contacts and for applying makeup. They are available in different size and magnification powers that can be used according to the purpose. It can be wall-mounted or a freestanding tabletop mirror that is nowadays becoming popular among people, especially ladies for doing the right makeup. They can be mounted in the washrooms of the mall or near the dressing table in the hotel rooms so that everyone can use it precisely. 

Magnifying Mirror collection at Dolphy

Here we have a wide collection of magnifying mirrors that are made of stainless steel and brass. The round mirror gives an easy and effective use. The mirrors have 10x and 20x power that can show the delicate details properly. The mirrors are adjustable and can be paused at an effective angle that you want. They are available at a discounted price here and you can buy it from anywhere.


Types of Magnifying Mirrors At Dolphy 

We have a list of different types of magnifying mirrors that are preferred for different purposes. 


One Side Magnifying Mirror:

We have a beautiful one-sided magnifying mirror for makeup at our store. It has a glossy mirror satin finish type and an eligible stand that is used to mount it on the wall. It can be placed at any wall and at an appropriate height making it eligible to use by anyone. 


Double Sided Magnifying Mirror:

The two-side mirror is perfect for makeup or shaving. It is ideal when you are preferring delicate or high makeup for weddings or concert shows. They have a high polished chrome finish that probably gives them an attractive look. Even the smallest details can be marked with the help of the mirror. 


Frameless magnifying Mirror:

The square frameless magnifying mirror with a wall-mounted facility is super attractive. Its curved shape makes it more reliable and efficient to use. It is slim and has a glossy finish with curved edges so that it doesn't hurt anyone. Install it in the bathroom to make your place gleam. 


LED Magnifying Mirror:

The round mirror with a round LED in yellow and white color gives a more dignified look. It can showcase the smallest details so that you can make the required changes in your makeup or shaving. If the surrounding does not have enough light then the attached LED light can give you the proper look. 


Battery operated Magnifying Mirror:

Other than the electrical one, we also have battery-operated mirrors that are also wall-mounted and have an LED light. These mirrors are more convenient when you don’t use it on a regular basis. You just need to put the batteries whenever you want to use it. 


Tabletop Magnifying Mirror:

The simple and beautiful tabletop mirrors with magnifying features are also available at our online store. You can buy them at a low price and use them whenever and wherever you wish. These freestanding mirrors are perfect for your home and you can carry them at the required angle you want.


Why We?

You will find the best products and appliances at our webstore. The magnifying mirror with light at the edges and adjustable angle feature makes it a perfect product that is easy to use. Not only this we even have other products too including different types of dispensers, trolley, hangers, iron board and bathroom accessories. You just need to click on the desired product and get it at your doorsteps at the prescribed time. We accept all the payment modes making it easier for the buyers.